Blog Week 3 Post 1

 With and, these sites are definitely not as trustworthy as the other good brands in here. It doesn't have a great color scheme, not mobile-friendly, and you can't find the links easily. These websites are not professionally made and aren't optimized to make a lot of sales. The problem with it is the funnel is really hard to get to the conversion. You want to make it super easy for someone to checkout and being a paying customer. I mean for someone in an older demographic it may come up as a normal site, but for someone younger, it would definitely look like a scammy website. What could be improved for these sites is definitely having a better color scheme and making sure that the way to checkout and purchase or the conversion is easy. If it's not simple and guided it will lead to having a bad conversion rate and not having a profitable business, especially if all the sales are coming from online sales channels.  For 

Week 2 Post 1

 Social Media within businesses is a lot more different to get your message out there, due to the fact of everyone having access to it. People from different countries can speak to each other and it is easily available to access almost anything online. If you are running paid traffic then you can pretty much target people who specifically are going to try to sell your service to. It is a lot more different than back then due to the fact that back then you might have to call or send another business a letter, now you can pretty much DM them and figure out what they have to offer before you even step foot inside of their services.  I would share the product or service in terms of if it really does what it says it does. You have to give an honest answer so that other people will know what to expect from getting the same product/service as you.  If there are negative comments then I would respond to them and let them know that I am sorry for their bad experience and maybe offer some sort o

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 I commented on  Asbury_Autumn,  England_Daniel, and  Mickley_Chloe's blog

Theme + Branding

I choose the theme because it really represents how I am. Pretty simple guy and black seems to be my favorite color for having clothes on or just in general. It's also pretty nice and organized and I hate having a mess. If I see a messy room or anything it gives me anxiety and I have to really hold back and tell someone to not pick up their mess because it can be rude at times.  For personal use, I believe Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat a bit. Pretty much everyone has one of them and if you want to share with others what you have done then you can show it off through those platforms.  As for business use, Instagram and Facebook are good to have for posts. If you are just posting and thinking your business will grow, well tough luck, you need ads to do that. Organic helps a bit, but if you aren't running some sort of paid traffic then it's kind of just hoping for customers to feed you money. And hope should never be a solution.